Our Story

George and I met 30 years ago while George was in Vet School and I was in school to become a business major. We had horses in common at that time. We were married and purchased our 15 acre farm in Westminster, Maryland. We moved into the farm and began breeding thoroughbred horses as well as starting our careers. Soon after, we began breeding and showing Persian and Himalayan Cats. Breeding and showing cats was very rewarding resulting in national winning cats. After having our own children, we decided that it was time to retire from breeding cats and raise our 2-legged children. We have 2 great kids, Brad 25 and Madison 17.

Our Goldendoodle named Doug

Over the years, we have had a variety of different breeds of dogs. We rescued a husky/retriever mix as well as 2 retired greyhounds.

We decided to try a pure bred and since our daughter was only 2, we purchased a Golden Retriever, Jak. Personality-wise he was the perfect addition to our family, however, it was difficult to get out of the house without having to use a lint roller. After we lost Jak, we purchased a full size Goldendoodle named Doug.

Doug was the best of both worlds. Sweet personality and low shedding!

Mr. Finn at the
    Christmas tree farm with Doug

Doug was a huge part of our family, and one of the best dogs ever bred. He is the reason we have decided to breed dogs. He was an F1B generation which was a Goldendoodle back to a Poodle. As an experienced breeder, I was impressed by the personality of F1Bs. However, I was not impressed with the light shedding. In our search for a second dog, I wanted to try to find something that would shed even less. I stumbled onto an Australian Labradoodle website and was skeptical about the non-shedding claims. After weeks of research, because that is who I am, we decided to give Australian Labradoodles a try. Two years ago, in our ongoing quest to find the perfect breed, we purchased an Australian Labradoodle who we named "Mr. Finn". He is a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle who has an amazing personality and barely sheds at all. I was completely amazed by this. After all of these years, we had finally found the perfect blend of personality and barely any shedding! He makes me smile daily and his devotion to my daughter and my family warms my heart.

Our youngest, Madison is heading off to college next year and I find myself doing one home improvement project after another. My family can't stand paint drapes anymore so they told me I needed a new job. Why not breed these amazing dogs and bring the joy of this amazing breed to other families!?

Stella sitting next to a bear

We purchased our first beautiful little Australian Labradoodle girl Stella from a wonderful nearby breeder who also breeds the highest of quality. She has a wonderful personality and is full of love that she shares with everyone around her.

George, being an experienced Veterinarian, is a huge part of what we do. Our puppies are brought into this world by an experienced veterinarian and examined then and there for the first time. He is constantly bringing articles and websites for me to read about improving even further what we do at Mayberry Australian Labradoodles.

If you should choose us we look forward to meeting you and providing you and your family with the perfect best friend.

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© All rights reserved for Mayberry Australian Labradoodles 2020

© All rights reserved for Mayberry Australian Labradoodles 2020